Subjecting your system to new-fresh-aerated water is the main cause of corrosion in a Wet system.   Every time you patch a Pinhole and then refill your system with water, you are refueling your system with fresh oxygen which ultimately increases the probability of more corrosion and subsequent patching.  It's a viscous cycle that never ends.

Why Sonic Inspection Corporation?


  1. Find the problems fast and efficiently
  2. Identify areas which have slim/corrosion fast and efficiently
  3. Identify a Wet System with trapped Air fast and efficiently
  4. Identify a Dry System holding Water fast and efficiently
  5. Identify remaining Wall thickness down to 1/1000 of an inch fast and efficiently
  6. Establish a Baseline for asset management
  7. Minimize any potential of accidental  flooding
  8. No Operational shut down

Stop the Madness  and quit using the OLD METHODS and get started managing your Capital Assets like "Capital Assets".    These are not Throw-Away assets, but very expensive capital infrastructure assets that must be managed in order to extract their useful life.

Full Wet Fire Sprinkler Pipe Scans-
Detailed Reports for Critical Asset Management

All these branch lines are in excellent condition, but without Sonic's technology, your option might be to replace the entire system at a huge expense or do nothing.  That's NOT a solution.  By using Sonic Inspection's technology, this client saved thousands of dollars.  The system is in excellent condition and ready to activate and operate correctly when needed.

How long would it take and how messy would it be to open every location marked in this Class One Clean Room?  More importantly, what do you do with the subjective data after the pipe fitters are finished?  After our services were completed, our client had a Baseline of the entire system and a plan for future asset management.

Now that's Brilliant!

Sonic Inspection Corporation

Providing Fire System Inspection Services to commercial buildings

Our AutoCad layout is now a Baseline of information for future asset management.

Our AutoCad layout quickly confirms conditions of all the test locations.

A Fire Sprinkler NDT company since 2004