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Roughly 50 gallons of water was removed.  The system was re-pitched, corroded pipe replace and then the Nitrogen Generator installed.

Every time your compressor recycles, it is fueling your Dry System with fresh oxygen.  Fresh oxygen contains Air Molecules with a high content of moisture (water) which produces corrosion and wall loss, eventually leading to PINHOLES.  More importantly, the process of patching pinholes just compounds the issue of moisture content.  By shutting down a system, patching the hole and re-charging the system, you are in effect increasing the moisture content with fresh new oxygen for every patch.  Although these small budget patch items seem minor and inexpensive, each "patch process" adds additional fresh oxygen ladened with moisture. 

It's a viscous cycle that never ends.  You must address the issues through a SOLUTIONS BASED program.

The most beneficial means to keeping your Dry Fire System dry is to be sure it it pitched correctly, has proper drains and eliminate the moisture content.  Nitrogen Generators are an excellent choice to mitigate the moisture content, but Nitrogen Generators will not dry out gallons of water.   The system must be corrected.

Why Sonic Inspection Corporation?


  1. Identify the problems fast and efficiently
  2. Identify areas which have slim/corrosion fast and efficiently
  3. Identify a Dry System holding Water fast and efficiently
  4. Identify remaining Wall thickness down to 1/1000 of an inch fast and efficiently
  5. Establish a Baseline for asset management
  6. Minimize any business continuity
  7. Conduct our services during normal business hours
  8. Identify the areas holding water before you install a Nitrogen Generator

Stop the Madness  and quit using the OLD METHODS and get started managing your Capital Assets like "Capital Assets".    These are not Throw-Away Diapers assets-these are very expensive capital infrastructure assets and must be managed better than your $30K company car!!!

This Dry System has 48 areas holding water-that means a Nitrogen Generator will have NO POSITIVE EFFECT until the FSS is fixed .   Corrosion is eventually going to cause pinhole leaks.

Full Dry Fire Sprinkler Pipe Scans-
Detailed Reports for Critical Asset Management

This data center management team thought their FSS was dry and operating fine until we shared the news.  Each circle with a Blue Ring signifies WATER in a Dry System-THAT'S BAD!

Our Summary Report quickly identifies problematic areas needing a solution.  Over all , this system is in excellent condition with ONE exception, the areas holding water.  Water in a Dry system will lead to PINHOLES fast.   Of the 149 locations tested, 121 are in excellent shape but 48 locations show Water in the Dry FSS.  That's BAD!!    OLD METHODS WILL NOT FIND THESE ISSUES!

Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems have many issues and can be more problematic than Wet systems.  Air molecules carry high levels of H2O and corrode iron pipe quickly.  We find areas in Dry systems with puddles of standing water and corroded pipe on every job site.  Sonic Inspection finds these areas fast so solutions can be deployed immediately.  Now that's Brilliant!