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I entered into this industry knowing I could make a dramatic difference on behalf of the customer and the industry, as a whole.  The technology I possessed did not exist and I knew the industry was doing the best it could at that time for inspection services.  Opening the fire sprinkler pipe and giving the customer a subjective analysis was the only option the industry for customers.  This industry, with the help of, was delivering the best professional Fire Life Safety Services available and doing an excellent job at it, based on the technology available.  But like everything else, there is always room for advancement. 

Time and time again, I heard of clogged fire sprinkler piping, pinholes, wall thinning, and other deficiencies.   My mission was to deliver the best advanced non invasive inspection services available to this industry and work for any building owner, fire contractor, property management company or any other entity that wanted a solution for their fire sprinkler infrastructure.  The industry welcomed me quickly.

I am so thankful for the support Sonic Inspection has received from, our customers, our partners, our website visitors and the entire Fire Protection Industry.    We have serviced hundreds of clients, collected thousands of test points and have saved customers thousands, if not millions, of dollars in capital infrastructure and operational downtime.  Additionally, the landfills are not saturated with extracted pipe that should have been left in service.

Sonic Inspection will continue offering unmatched inspection services for end users and will do WHAT EVER IT TAKES to assist our customers in getting the most life out of  their fire sprinkler piping.

President /CEO-David Martinez

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